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this is a website for me and my stuff.

seven unfiiiniiished songs released

here are seven songs which i never got around to finishing that gravitated together to make one EP. it's really good in parts and 'what?' in others. i like it. it is also available on spotify.

anhunedd cwtch released

anhunedd cwtch is a collection of tracks from my ambient bandcamp releases. It contains one track from each of the cwtch albums and a track from the ddiddiwed and sgberwed albums. this release is available on spotify, GPM, apple music and somewhere else like deezer or something. it's not on bandcamp because of redundancy, just listen to the full things there.

beetle released

i have released a new generative album 'beetle'. made in max/msp with korg gadget as the sound source. here it is on bandcamp. it's also available on spotify/itunes/gpm/whatever. the original cover art was a photo of a beetle but one of the streaming sites wouldn't accept it so it's been changed to some lines in a grey fart. this album is made from a new version of my generative patch that i used for the releases 'fearful circuitry' and 'p i a k r r e d i b d a o r l c i z a' and i think it strikes a decent balance between the more random side of things and actual composition. as usual i only spent a few hours recording. i think if i open this patch back up again, set it control samples and spend at least a week generating stuff i could do some cool shite. in fact that's what i'll do for my next album (i'm writing this post 7 unfinished songs).

pricing system

so i have started charging for my bandcamp downloads. i didn't have a choice initially as a bug in downloading on android chrome caused all of my free credits to be used up. i notified bandcamp of this error on twitter but they ignored me, probably because they don't support downloads on their mobile site. anyway i priced up my music so it wasn't ridiculous (as bandcamp changed everything to £7) and have decided to keep it because, why not? my music is alright and still very cheap. the pricing structure is as follows:
single/double a--£0.50
i also added the ability to buy everything as a heavily discounted single package. that means as of writing you can get 24 lps, 13 eps & 4 singles for £6.35. that's good value in my opinion. all stuff in the archive is completely free and over time bandcamp stuff will move to free status as it ages.